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Cyclades Islands in Greece

Amorgos Amorgos
Anafi Anafi
Andros Andros
Antiparos Antiparos
Donousa Donousa
Dilos Dilos
Folegandros Folegandros
Ios Ios
Irakleia Irakleia
Kea Tzia Kea (Tzia)
Kimolos Kimolos
Koufonisia Koufonisia
Kythnos Kythnos
Milos Milos
Mykonos Mykonos
Naxos Naxos
Paros Paros
Santorini Santorini
Schinousa Schinousa
Serifos Serifos
Sifnos Sifnos
Sikinos Sikinos
Syros Syros
Thirasia Thirasia
Tinos Tinos


Anafi is the beauty of Cyclades thanks to her nature. The island with the golden beaches and evergreen waters gives its guests relaxing vacation in the nature. For nature lovers, Anafi is an ideal destination for relaxing vacations.

Chora is the capital of the island with white houses, paved alleys and ruins of the Venetian castle. It is built amphitheatrically on a hill and because of her location offers you magnificent view.
The island is not a very famous tourist resort, although it can offer you everything you need for nice vacations. If you have transportation you can explore the island following the road network. For those who love hiking have the opportunity to tour the island and enjoy walks in nature. For the lovers of climbing Anafi is an ideal destination.

Many visitors prefer the bus which connects the town with the rest of the island. Some of them are the areas of Agios Nikolaos, the island's port, Kleisidi, Katsouni, Flamouroy, Mikros Roukounas, Megalos Roukounas, Megas Potamos, Ayii Anaryiri and Monastiri. Renting a bike or scooter is another way to get around.

In Anafi you can arrive by boat from Piraeus port. Routes run throughout the year and from other islands of the Cyclades. Syros, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Sikinos, Folegandros, Thirasia and Santorini are the islands that link Anafi with the rest of Cyclades.

There are no organized camping facilities on the island, but there are a number of newly-built rental rooms at Hora, the port, Kleisidi, and Roukounas.


According to mythology the island was baptized Anafi (from the Greek word anadysi, or rising), rose from the waters of the Aegean as a result of the god Apollo’s desire to provide a safe harbour for Jason’s storm-struck Argonauts. To thank the god, they built the temple of Apollo Astealtas near the Zoodohos Pigi monastery and honoured the god with the annual Yakinthia festival.

Historical sources indicate that Anafi was the home of Aeolus, god of the winds, who helped Odysseus with favourable winds on his journey home. The city of Anafi was founded by the Phoenicians and later developed by the Dorians who settled on the island.

In the 5th century B.C., Anafi joined the Athenian League or Confederacy.
In medieval times, the island came under the administration of the Duchy of Naxos and was ruled by Venetian leaders. However, they were unable to protect the island from marauding pirates who forced many of its inhabitants to flee to Crete.

In 1537, Anafi was pillaged by the pirate Barbarossa, and then fell under Ottoman rule. It took an active part in the Greek independence revolution of 1821 and officially became a part of the Modern Greek state in 1832.

During his reign, King Othon (Otto) was impressed by the Anafiotes’ reputation as builders and brought many, by decree, to Athens to build his palace. They settled on the foothills of the Acropolis, building small homes in the traditional architectural style of their island. The district, located in the Greek capital’s old quarter of Plaka, is known as Anafiotika and is considered one of the city’s architectural gems.
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