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Cyclades Islands in Greece

Amorgos Amorgos
Anafi Anafi
Andros Andros
Antiparos Antiparos
Donousa Donousa
Dilos Dilos
Folegandros Folegandros
Ios Ios
Irakleia Irakleia
Kea Tzia Kea (Tzia)
Kimolos Kimolos
Koufonisia Koufonisia
Kythnos Kythnos
Milos Milos
Mykonos Mykonos
Naxos Naxos
Paros Paros
Santorini Santorini
Schinousa Schinousa
Serifos Serifos
Sifnos Sifnos
Sikinos Sikinos
Syros Syros
Thirasia Thirasia
Tinos Tinos


Donoussa is a small paradise for those who would like to enjoy beautiful vacation in nature. It is the most northern island of Cyclades and it is located at the east side of Naxos and north side from Amorgos. It has an area of 13 sq. km, covered mainly from rocky ground. The shore forms numerous coves with small, sand beaches. Donoussa does not have a lot of permanent residents. Most of the residents make their living from fishing, livestock keeping, and, recently, tourism.
The biggest settlement of the island is Stavros or Kampos as most of the residents call it. The harbour of the island is located in the area of Stavros which is the most cosmopolitan region of the island. It is built in the most graphic points of the island, and keeps the authentic Cycladic taste.
In the East side of the island you can find the settlement of Timios Stavros with the homonym small church, in which the region owes his name. Some of the most graphic settlements, ideal for beautiful walks in the island, are Mersini, Haravgi and Kalotaritissa.


The island had residents during the ancient times and was called “Donoussa”. From excavations that took place in the newer years on the island, geometric settlements were discovered in various areas.
According to mythology Donoussa was the place in which Dionysus hid Ariadni in order to protect her from Thiseas.

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