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Amorgos Amorgos
Anafi Anafi
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Donousa Donousa
Dilos Dilos
Folegandros Folegandros
Ios Ios
Irakleia Irakleia
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Syros Syros
Thirasia Thirasia
Tinos Tinos


Folegandros is located at the southern side of Western Cyclades and is a popular destination over the last two decades combining calm vacations and night life.

Karavostatis is one of the most popular tourist’s resorts of the island and also the island’s harbour. With your arrival to the harbour you can see its natural beauties.

Chora is the capital of the island, built 200 meters above sea level and about 3.5 kilometers from Karavostasis. Folegandros preserves its vernacular architecture. Stone-paved lanes, a number of neighbourhood squares, and the old fortified settlement of the Venetian Castle (Kastro) are themselves attractions. Taking in the view from Kastro’s northern side on Pounta square, lazy afternoons in the shaded Dounavis square, and the lively night-time atmosphere in Piazza comprise the memorable experiences of a holiday on Folegandros.

The island’s main settlements are Chora, Ano Meria, the port village of Karavostasis, and the resort of Agali. There are secondary settlements at Livadi and Petousi. Administratively the island comes under the Thira Eparchy of the Cyclades prefecture.

The distance from Piraeus port is 104 nautical miles. During summer season, there are 4 sailings per week.  You can travel from Piraeus port from 9 until 11 hours travel time depending on the itinerary of Cyclades. The island is also connected with other islands of Cyclades, such as Ios, Naxos, Paros, Santorini and Syros. 


Two versions for the origin of the island’s name are known: according to the first, The Phoenician word “phelekgundari” means rocky land and is one of the possible roots of Folegandros’s name. The second version says that the island it took its name from the first mythological settler, Folegandros, son of king of Crete Minoas. During the Venetian domination the official name of the island was “Polykandros”.
Folegandros participated in the Athenian Alliance. After the fall of Constantinople in 1204 and the emergence of Venice as the supreme power in the Aegean, Venetians and Turks sought to seize control of the island. In 1715, Folegandros fell to the Turks. It was united with Greece in 1828.

During the Metaxas dictatorship, Folegandros became a place of internal exile, much as it had been during Roman rule
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