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Thirasia is a small island with a lot of natural beauties. It is located in the west side of Santorini and abstains one mile from Faro in Oia. Thirasia although it is very near to the popular island of Santorini, has accomplished to maintain her colourful character.

The island of Thirasia has a lot of resemblances with Santorini. The architecture of the houses and churches, the whitewashed houses, the low vegetation and her deep blue waters are some of the island’s characteristics. Thirasia is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy peaceful vacation.

Riva is the harbour of Thirasia. You can reach the island using latzes (small boats) from Ammoudi in Oia Santorini with a distance of almost twenty minutes. Also you can reach Thirasia with small ferries from the harbour of Athinios to the harbours of Rivas and Korfoy. From the port of Piraeus there are scheduled itineraries for Thirasia via the itinerary of Paros - Naxos - Ios - Sikinos - Folegandros - Thirasia - Thira - Anafi.


In its prime Thirasia was a municipality according to the royal Decree of 13th October 1834 (Greek official gazette) “about the creation of cities in the Southern Cyclades” and it was classified with a population of 319 inhabitants under the third category with head- quarter in Polichnion of Thirasia.

Until 1895 the population increased gradually to 855 inhabitants. In 1912 the community of Thirasia was founded with headquarter in the village of Manola, which persisted with some changes until 1997, when it was united with the community of Oia through the law Kapodistria (local government restructuring). The crisis in shipbuilding and the devastating earthquake of 1956 forced many inhabitants of Thirasia to leave the island in the hope to find a better life. A registration in 2001 showed that the island counts 268 inhabitants.

Thirasia is a small piece of the western coast of the ancient island of Strongili, which had been cut off after the devastating earthquake in 1500 BC. Today you can make yourself an idea of the former round form of the island by uniting Thirasia, Santorini and Aspronisi imaginally. By chance it was ground that the beautiful daughter of King Thira Thirasia was hiding for thousands of years remnants of an ancient culture after the huge destruction of the volcano in 1500 BC. In the middle of the 18th century pumice stone was mined on a large scale from the quarry of the family Nikolaos Spiridonas Alafouzos in Thirasia, which was used for the construction of the Suez Canal. The workers in the quarry found remains of a building, of earthwaren vessels and even of a human skeleton. These findings were the reason why excavations were started in Akrotiri and in other places of Santorini.

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